Wyoming Women's Suffrage Celebration, 2019-2020



Programs are underway. See the Calendar on the Public Projects page.

Sculptor: Arvid Fairbanks
Photo: Architect of the Capitol

Add Your Project

We invite you, your organization, or group of community members to participate in the Wyoming Women's Suffrage Celebration by submitting a proposal for a project, program, publication, or event for approval by the Governor's Council committee. See the Criteria and Benefits in the sidebar.

Your project can start at any time, but the Celebration officially runs from December 10, 2019, the 150th anniversary of the Territorial Act in 1869, through September 6th, 2020, the anniversary of the first vote in Laramie in 1870.

Official Inclusion


Your program or event must adhere to the Objective of the Suffrage Celebration, include content related to women voting or holding office, and offer a public presentation (free or with a charge).


We encourage programs across the state, whether or not they meet our criteria for suffrage content. Other publicity options include: (1) The Wyoming Office of Tourism will post events attractive to visitors. Send notice to WOT staff. (2) Wyoming Public Media invites submissions for their events calendar. (3) The University of Wyoming provides support and listing for the UW Wyoming Women's Suffrage Celebration programs.