Wyoming Women's Suffrage Celebration, 2019-2020

Collections of Historic Materials

Call for Memorabilia

Wyoming Proud by Rosie Ratigan, Lander, 2019

We seek written material from the suffrage period in Wyoming in order to enhance the historical record and to understand what the people of the time thought about women voting. The League of Women Voters of Wyoming will assist the American Heritage Center of the University of Wyoming in the collection of historical materials—letters, notes, pictures, newspaper clippings, and other memorabilia—from the early Wyoming suffrage period, from the 1860's to the 1920's.

Scans or photos of such materials should be attached to our web form, on the link below. On the form, you may also choose to share in either of these ways:
Display: Show materials on Suffrage Celebration websites and in exhibits for students, teachers, scholars, citizens, and others interested in the history of suffrage in Wyoming.
Archive: Discuss donation of your materials with the American Heritage Center staff archivists.

Historical Materials Form

For example, here is a excerpt from a letter written in October 1915, from Eleanor Quackenbush Corthell of Laramie to her daughter, Miriam Corthell Burgess, in New York City.

I see so much in the Times about the Suffrage Campaign and I wonder if you are helping ever so little. To let it be known that you were born to the privilege and right of voting, and now are deprived of it should make a point, if you feel it an injustice and can give an intelligent reason which I'm sure I could do in your place...